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A Wartime Escape from Siam
24th January 2017

In December 1941 the Japanese invaded South East Asia. This is my motherís personal history of her escape from Chiang Mai through the jungles of Siam and Burma and onto India as a 5 year old girl. Of the children who started the 500 mile trek, she was the only child to survive. Finally arriving at Maymyo in Burma, she then had to evacuate for a second time in March 1942 as the Japanese army swept through.


Pamela's father, Evelyn van Millingen was a Teak-Wallah working for the Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation. He was captured by the Japanese but was lucky to escape. Later he worked for South East Asia Command (SEAC) in India and later Celyon with Mountbatten. He was head of the Thai section of the Secret Intelligence Service.


This hardback book of 112 pages (10 inch by 7 inch) includes many photographs of people involved in the story (Geoff Bostock, Frank Burden, Jimmy Williams "Elephant Bill") along with personal photographs of life in Siam / Thailand in the 1930s and some wonderful photographs of working Elephants in the forest and rivers. There is an extended appendix of names, with brief descriptions, of people they knew in Siam, Burma, India (Calcutta and Delhi) and Ceylon.


All money made from the selling of this book goes to the charity

Retinitis Pigmentosa Fighting Blindness.

RP Fighting Blindness

Charity No: 1153851


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