Bright Sight

Oliver Backhouse, Consultant Eye Surgeon

Recurrent Erosion Syndrome

A break in the epithelium (skin over the cornea) is very painful and is like a scratch on the eye which causes pain, watering and a dislike of bright lights. Following some accident to the surface of the eye like a scratch, or instability of the eye surface that you were born with, the epithelium does not stick down properly and so the symptoms keep returning. This typically occurs at night or on waking when we produce less lubricating tears and so the epithelium is pulled off by the eyelids blinking.

Unfortunately the symptoms can continue in an on / off nature for many months and even some years. Treatment is with regular lubricating ointment such as Lacrilube at bedtime for at least three months. Because ointment blurs the vision in the day, Lacrilube should only be used at night and some artificial tears such a Liquifilm be used four times during the day. Rarely other measures are needed such as Botox or light surface laser should the eye drops and ointment not work.