Bright Sight

Oliver Backhouse, Consultant Eye Surgeon


There is now a new and effective treatment for dry or old wet AMD that can significantly improve central vision: the IOL-VIP (Intra-Ocular Lens for Visually Impaired People). The IOL-VIP system has been developed to provide patients with macular disease an improvement of their central vision. In this new procedure, two small lenses are inserted into the eye. Together these lenses act like a telescope, slightly magnifying the image and diverting it to a healthier part of the retina. This healthy retina takes over the role of the macula and can give the AMD patient significantly improved vision.

How it works 1.In a healthy eye images are focused on the macula 2. Operation replaces real lens with two artificial lenses, one in front and one behind the iris 3. These direct images away from diseased macula to a healthy part of the retina 4. Information then sent to brain via the optic nerve

The potential improvement in vision can be tested using a special simulator. This simulator demonstrates the effect of the IOL-VIP system so patients can experience the possible improvement before the operation. Patients are helped to learn to use the new image with the help of some simple exercises. The procedure takes about 30 minutes on a day case basis.

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