Bright Sight

Oliver Backhouse, Consultant Eye Surgeon

What procedure is suitable?

The conditions in the table below can be corrected surgically to leave you free of the need for glasses either for distance, or for both distance and near vision. If you are over 40 and looking for an alternative to glasses or contact lenses, you should consider the high definition Comfort lens.

The Comfort lens has many advantages over laser vision correction. The revolutionary design of the lens means it is suitable for both cataract and non-cataract patients, and using it in both eyes can correct far, intermediate and near vision.

This means even if you are short sighted, longsighted or have astigmatism, the Comfort lens could give you the permanent vision correction you have been searching for.

You can find out more about the Comfort lens here

DisorderLevelAge 18 - 40Age Over 40
(short sight)
Over - 8 Intraocular contact lens Lens Surgery or Intraocular contact lens
Zero to - 8 Laser Lens Surgery or Laser
(long sight)
Zero to +3 Laser Lens Surgery
Over +3 Intraocular contact lens Lens Surgery
Astigmatism Zero to 6 Laser Lens Surgery
Over 6 Intraocular contact lens Lens Surgery
Presbyopia Presbyopia   Lens Surgery or Conductive keratoplasty